Shelters of Praise is serving Jesus Christ in:

                                          1. Evangelism to bring the lost into God's Kingdom.

                                          2. Encouragement to people all over the world.

                                          3. Preaching and teaching God's Word.

                                          4. Prayer network.

                                          5. -- a resource to encourage people in the Word of God.

                                          6. -- a site to post your prayers for Israel.

                                          7. -- a site to post your prayers and pray for others.

                                          8. -- a one-stop place to house information regarding missionaries.

                                          9. -- a site that lists some of the promises of God.

                                          10. -- a site that tells the world who Jesus is.

                                          11. -- a site to prepare the bride of Christ for the rapture.

                                          12. -- a site to stir up zeal for Christ in Christians.

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